Here's a little about me -  I'm basically a one woman band, I write, produce and record my own music. I play bass, guitar, piano, I program drums, sample occasionally, write my own string arrangements and sing. I was born in Germany, raised in Australia and currently live in Greece, on the island of Ithaca. My influences are  too many to mention, but they include many styles of music. Although I am more attracted to raw garage type sounds, I also do some electronic and piano music.

If you ever see me in the 'middle of the road', feel free to run me down.

I swear too much, talk dirty and say things I shouldn't in my songs, but I don't know how to do it any other way.  My life ends up in my songs in one form or another.  Sometimes it makes the people close to me, cringe, but it doesn't stop me. Keeping it in would make me cringe. Better them than me.  I usually write 1 or 2 albums a year, inspired by events through that year.  Music to me is like keeping a diary. It's cathartic . My lyrics can be a bit confronting, but they've been well received over the years and taken with the intent they were written.

Despite doing nearly everything for myself, I don't think I'm a control freak, I'm just too impatient to wait for someone else to do something for me. Ok, so maybe I am a bit of a control freak.... ;),  but how great is it to be able to make as much music as I want without having to hire a studio or an engineer, without a record company to turn me into white bread, without expectations of fame.  It's GREAT. I love what I do and whether you like me, hate me or don't give a shit one way or the other, I'll still be making music because I just can't NOT make it. I hope you like something I've done because it always feels great for people to like what I do.

That's it :)  lola demo xx