lola demo

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Here I Am - 4 Track EP for all the people I love

Pash 2014- 10 track album. If only we would 'Pash' instead of 'War'

Broken Hearts and Other Injured Body Parts 2013. Sad songs for a lonely night

Bitter Delicious 2013
- 11 Track cd. Guitar Pop Warp with a little twisted reality sweetened with honey.

not a big Porn Star - 10 track album released Feb 2012. The album was inspired by a girl friends break-up, but my view wasn't as understanding.

Betrayal and Chocolate Cake 2012 - 11 Track Album. What I didn't want I got and what I want I can't have.

The Construction of Truth 2011 - 9 track cd. Lying is about saving your own skin at the expense of someone elses.

Black Dog - February 2010 is a collection of 9 songs inspired by conversations with producer and dj Pole Folder through a collaboration for his Helsinki Accord Album.

Leave That Girl Alone - 2009. 6 Track cd. I have no smart-arse comment about this cd. Guess you'll have to come up with one yourselves.

Zero 2008 - 7 track cd written, recorded and engineered in 1 week November 2008. This is not a party record.

strung out 2008 10 track cd. alternate tiles - everyone i know, neil is overrated, frequency is set to low, unremarkably naked, filter is on, paranoia

retro bitch 2006
11 track cd. So you think I'm a bitch? Ok then.

letting go 2004
. 9 track cd drug &%$\^> by a doctor. you just can't trust anyone anymore.

First Reason experiment 2002


lola demo is a series of home produced cds written, recorded and inspired by the act of relocation to paradise where hell is only a redhead away and demons and angels all wear gold sandals and leopard skin. You can't tell them apart until they put the wings on your back, and it's only then you know, if you're going up or down.

...It's kinda nice to step outside the music box and do whatever you feel like without pressure or the timer ringing after 3 minutes.

lola demo recorded on home burn & strudel girl records ithaca Greece (C) (P) 2004 - 2014 Erika Bach. All rights reserved. APRA MEMBER

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The Inconsistent Jukebox and lola demo

Headcharge and lola demo

Pole Folder/Erika Bach- Dimension Missing 1

Pole Folder/Erika Bach- Dimension Missing 2

Pole Folder/Erika Bach- Hate Myself - Sasha mix

Yintan/Erika Bach - Float

(C)(P) 2002 - 2014 Erika Bach. All Rights Reserved.